Do It Yourself Party Props

Learn how to make the neatest party props and decor at The Event Decorating Academy where you will learn the tricks and tips used by professional event decorators.  This could be the start of an exciting new career or if you are in the buisness today let us teach you how to produce better results with less time.

We begin with a tracing, drawing &

painting class to prepare you to paint

wonderful characters with wood panels

and styrofoam. You will leave with

knowledge of painting techniques,

color blending and faux finishes. 


This class will also teach you all the

techniques you need to make large 3D

Styrofoam props for theme parties.

Increase your sales by offering custom

design props that can be incorporated

into your balloon décor. Learn how to scale from a picture to life size. Learn the formulas for cutting and tricks to make them stand.

  1. Scale, Design, & Faux finishes

  2. Wood Panel Props

  3. Styrofoam theme props

Master the principals and create many almost any theme backdrops you or your clients can imagine.  You will leave this creative class with the ability to transform any venue into a award winning scenery. 

This is a HANDS ON COURSE, so you will leave with the skills, experience and confidence to create such designs on your own.

2011 course schedule:

Event Decorating Academy

Miami, FL Studio
3302 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127

866.931.2796 • Toll Free

786.369.1723 • Studio

866.931.2797 • Fax


  1. Miami, FL  (Permanent classroom location)

  2. Milwaukee, WI  (Permanent classroom location)

  3. Houston,  TX

  4. Dallas TX

  5. NYC

  6. Boston MA

  7. Fesno CA

  8. San Juan PR

  9. Mayaguez PR

  10. Los Angels CA (en Españiol)

You will leave the course knowing having created your own painted stand up prop. . These wonderful wood pieces can be rented again and again for increased profits.

But this decor is not just for kids parties.  Below are full size props created by students for a Halloween party.  The brick walls and rock work are made from sculpted inexpensive foam board used in home construction.

Upcoming Course dates:

Fabric Draping
3 Day Course
Milwaukee WI 2/3/11

Theme Parties
3 Day Course
Miami FL 2/11/11

Certified Event Decorating Training
12 Day intensive training.
Miami FL 2/21 to 3/5

Contact the Event Decorating Academy for more details and dates.

Event Decorating Academy Miami, FL Studio  3302 N Miami Ave  Miami, FL 33127

866.931.2796 • Toll Free         786.369.1723 • Studio           866.931.2797 • Fax    Email